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About this project

This project was commissioned by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture to provide hands-on guidance for teachers of English interested in using computers in their lessons. The project has yielded three products:

  • a film on DVD
  • an accompanying booklet
  • this website,, where all the materials of the DVD and the booklet can be downloaded free of charge

The film consists of 19 activities where computers are used during English lessons. In addition, the booklet contains the lesson plans of these activities as well as comments and practical tips by the teachers who designed these lessons.

This website serves as an online meeting point and discussion centre for users of the DVD and the booklet, where the teachers can be contacted and are available for questions and further comments.

We hope that teachers will find these materials useful and that they will help them in their teaching.

Thank you for visiting!

The project team:

Elek Máthé, project manager

Teodóra Király, teacher

Alice Számadóné Bíró, teacher

János Blasszauer, teacher

Péter Sík, teacher

Tamás Kovács, director of photography