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7 Associations – guess the word

Alice Számadóné Bíró

Download the video here

Level: Pre-intermediate


Questions / instructions

What students do

How students work

What you need

6 min

Vocabulary game

Students find out words based on a picture montage

Whole class


General introduction

The game  can be used for encouraging students to find out words.  Students are shown photo montages and they have to find out the hidden word.

The activity step by step
  1. Students form two large  teams.
  2. Teams take turns and make guesses.
  3. The team which gets more points for the answers is the winner.

It is advisable to have rules and  team captains.

Technical tips

A PC and a  projector are needed to play the game. It is  necessary to have Internet access  on the PC and it has to be checked if it allows playing the game. Otherwise consult the system administrator.