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13 Inventions

Alice Számadóné Bíró

Download the video here

Level: Pre-intermediate


Questions / instructions

What students do

How students work

What you need

3 min

Students name objects or inventions in the classroom

Students write a list


7 min

Students choose an object in the classroom and find out about its history

Students search for info

15 min

Students tell the class about it



General introduction

The activity  can be used for learning about inventions around us and also for  practising  the Passive.

The activity step by step
  1. Students form pairs.
  2. Students write a list of inventions.
  3. Students choose one invention and search for information about it.
  4. Pairs make presentations about it.
Technical tips

It is  necessary to have Internet access. Make sure it does not take a long time to download  the pages. Otherwise certain pages can be downloaded beforehand.