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6 Online language improvement: text recreation

Péter Sík

Download the video here

Level: Pre-intermediate
Grade: 10
Length: 45 min
The aim of the lesson is:

  • To practice reading and memorizing texts
  • Share responsibility with your peers
  • To practice reinforce typing skills in a foreign language
  • To practice spelling
  • To be able to use the spell checker with a chosen language
  • To use the word count option
  • To be able to compare a written text with the original document


Questions / instructions

What students do

How students work


What you need

Introduction & task setting
2 min In this activity you will carry out a text reconstruction activity. I will give you the address of a site with a short video about “Homemade Compost”. Your task is to watch, listen and write down what you hear. Students open a word processor and the site with the video. They arrange the two windows side by side. Individually and in another window a word processor.
2 min You might want to revise how the spell checker functions and operates. Students make sure that the size of the letters in the word processor will enable the teacher to monitor their work efficiently. Spell checker is at the top.

Tools (Eszközök)

Language ( nyelv)

Set language (nyelv megadása)

Clear instructions for using the spell checker also put up on the whiteboard
Carrying out the task
20 min Students work on their own and write down as much as they can by constantly rewinding the tape, until they think they have the right solution and spelling too. Students put on their earphones or headsets to watch and listen to the video. They take down whatever they hear. individually The two windows are open side by side
15 min Please correct your text for yourself. Below the video there is the original script. First only indicate where the mistakes were, by changing the color of the word. In a later phase you can take notes of the words and your mistakes as well. Students change the color of the misspelt words into red. Where they did not understand the word at all, they use red again and also underline the word.
They do not alter the word so that the mistake can be seen.
individually … you do not need buy a fency composting bin or have a big heap of decomposing matter in

Compare the text with the original.

5 min Please make notes of your typical mistakes and take down the unknown words in your vocabulary.
You can look them up at home, using an on-line dictionary.
Students take notes and also ask where they have problems, to discuss the meaning of certain words. Individually but together with the class Teacher walks around to provide assistance
Homework assignment
1 min Please finish the video at home in a similar way and send the results to me in an e-mail message as an attached document. Make sure you Students send the homework and there is a set day and time for this. At home alone


General introduction

This text reconstruction class is to improve listening comprehension.
Also students become responsible for their own development through self-correction.

The activity step by step
  1. Choose the site very carefully, maybe just a bit above the level of the students.
  2. Explain the task with this “Text reconstruction” activity.
  3. Make sure students are familiar with how a spell checker can be used efficiently.
  4. Students open two windows. One with the site with the video, the other is the word processor.
  5. Students use their earphones to write down as much as they can by rewinding the video material as many times as it is necessary.
  6. There is a time limit, and it does not really matter how much they can write down.
  7. Then they look at the script given under the video and compare it to what they have written.
  8. Students change the misspelt word into red and also use underlined red letters where they had no idea what the text was.
  9. Students collect their typical mistakes.
  10. At home they will have to finish the whole text and send the results in an attached document to the teacher as their homework.
General advice

You need to be able to rely on your students, who have to work on their own without looking at the text or script.
Make sure the script is exactly the same as what they hear and draw attention to the possible differences.

Technical tips

It really saves time if the eacher sets the computers in advance.
Make students use larger letters in the word processor and in the site as well so that you can walk around and help efficiently.

Preparation for class

The following checklist might be useful.

  1. All of the computers should be able to show the video
  2. Student should have a functioning earphone
  3. It is worth checking whether they know how a spell checker functions
  4. Wise them up about the advantage of playing their cards right.
  5. Promote efficient self correction

Any site can be useful for this activity.
Students might work together too, sharing responsibility
Kids might want to prepare a similar video and also provide the script for it. Podcasting, youtube or any other option.